Deer Fly   (three photos)
Chrysops discalis

deerfly pair
I spotted this mating pair on Antelope Island from a moving car. Sometimes I just get lucky.  They weren't
about to part, either. They let me take pictures to my heart's content. © Carol Davis, 9-26-2010

deer fly
I found this male Deer Fly on Antelope Island just sitting on rabbitbrush so I took advantage of the
situation and took some close-ups.  The camera flash caused its green eyes to glow.  © Carol Davis 8-23-2009

I found this female deer fly on Antelope Island hanging out on the side of a building.  From what information I
 could find, Chrysops discalis
is the only deer fly  in the U. S. responsible for spreading the infection
Tularemia or "rabbit fever" to humans from infected animals. © Carol Davis, 5-31-2009

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