Deer Fly - Pt. II
Chrysops callidus

They look so innocent, don't they?  I cannot express to my satisfaction how horrible these biting deer flies are.  They love the
color blue and if you make the mistake of wearing that color, you are doomed.  The bite they inflict is scissor-like and you can
 feel the pain from the tips of your toes to the ends of the hairs on your head
(I would rather be struck by lightning!)   Deer flies
have a knack of waiting until photographers finally get their shot in focus and then start the bite directly on the arm or hand. 
This way they achieve the ultimate irritation and a clean getaway, since even an insect bite seldom discourages a dedicated
photographer from completing the shot.  If you are out in deer fly country and hear someone laughing maniacally to
themselves, they are not  mad, they are simply gleeful over successfully killing a deer fly.  © Carol Davis, 6-26-2005

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