Differential Grasshopper   (three photos)
Melanoplus differentialis

differential grasshopper
My garden may be on its way out but my grasshoppers are not. This one actually landed by me when I was
ing to take a picture of a syrphid fly so I moved the camera over right in its face and, as you can see, it
wasn't the
least bit intimidated.  I have more trouble with these eating my tomatoes than I do tomato
 worms eating them (it has been a bad year for grasshoppers in my garden).  Carol Davis 10-14-2013

differential grasshopper
This Differential Grasshopper is missing a right hind leg and you can barely see the yellow left one.
Yellow hind legs with a herringbone pattern are traits of this species.  Carol Davis 9-7-2009

yellow differential grasshopper
I assume this is a freshly-molted Differential Grasshopper. It is a gorgeous color.  All three of these
hungry beasts were residing in my garden in Taylorsville, Utah.  Carol Davis, 9-7-2009

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