Digger Bee  (five photos)
Anthophora urbana

Anthophora urbana
This sweet little thing was just laying in a tiny globe
mallow flower soaking in all its goodness in the west
desert in Utah.  I don't know for sure this is Anthophora
but it looks enough like it, that's where I'm
putting it. I had to put it someplace (it's such a
cute photo!)  The photos below are Anthophora
.  Carol Davis 6-21-2020

digger bee
This is Anthophora urbana (identified by Bugguide) and
 is just one of many Utah bees that have beautiful

eyes and a spiffy outfit.  Carol Davis 6-21-2020

blue-eyed bee
I think this was a young bee AU because its wings are
flawless and it's body pretty much free of a
 lot of pollen.  Carol Davis 6-21-2020

Anthophora urbana
This little Digger Bee with the large beautiful eyes was in Mercur
Canyon, Tooele County, Utah. So soft looking it seems like it
would be nice to touch. Carol Davis, 9-17-2006

Anthophora urbana
 A lot of people think honey bees are the only pollinators, but there are lots
of wild bees and insects that do that as well, very unobtrusively. We're
not really dumb enough to think nothing was pollinated in the Americas
before the arrival of the European Honey Bee.  Carol Davis 9-18-2016

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