Digger Bee
Tribe Emphorini
Species Diadasia enavata

about 5/8 inch

digger bee
I see these large bees occasionally at Promontory Point and they hang around in the center of the flower for
a long period of time.  They are extremely hairy and a brown color, although the color of the sunflower
seems to dominate the photo and make the bee more yellow than it is.  The green eyes outlined in black
and the spider-like appendages of this bee really make it look nifty.   Bugguide.net narrowed this
bee down to species for me (8/12/10) so I had to change my page quite a bit.  Carol Davis, 8-1-2010

longhorned bee
According to Bugguide, this Tribe of bees, who dig their nests in the ground, are pollen specialists and you can
see why with all the hairs on them.   I enjoy watching this species take off because they kind of lift straight off
the flower like a helicopter and then zip, they're gone. Once they're in motion, for a bigger bee, they can really
 move and  I can move almost as fast if this bee happens to take off in my direction.  © Carol Davis, 8-1-2010

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