Digger Bee with Oil Beettle Larvae
- Genus Diadasia
Subgenus  Coquillettapis
- Genus Meloe

diadasia and oil beetle larvae
I got one shot of this Digger Bee at Strawberry Reservoir and when I
uploaded the photo to my computer I was really surprised. It has Oil Beetle
larvae hitching a ride on it.  Too bad I couldn't have gotten more photos.
According to Martin Hauser on Bugguide, these beetles "are first hitchhikers 
(to get to the nest) and  then parasites (on the bee  larvae)". Amazing!  You can
 read more about them here on Bugguide. You can also see these same kind of
 larvae on a Pollen Wasp I saw at Strawberry Reservoir. Carol Davis, 7-24-2011

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