Digger Bee
Genus Centris
Subgenus Paracentris

paracentris digger bee
I found these stout, hairy bees on flowers along the road leading to Lytle Ranch in Washington County,
Utah.  I thought they might be bumble bees but they were digger bees. Carol Davis, 5-12-2013

centris bee
According to Bugguide, digger bees in the genus Centris gather pollen, nectar and oils
on their hairy little legs.  Another thing I learned about them personally is that they can
be a little feisty when you follow them around with your camera.  Carol Davis, 5-12-2013

paracentris bee
Margarethe Brummermann has a very nice article about the digger bee, Centris pallida,
on her site here. Centris pallida is a main pollinator of the beautiful Palo Verde tree that
is found in Arizona and Nevada (and other places, as well).    Carol Davis, 5-12-2013

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