Digger Bee Cuckoo  (three photos)
Xeromelecta californica

            californica in Utah
What a find in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake
County, Utah. These bees were collecting pollen, along
with bumblebees and Anthophora bees.  Xeromelecta
are parasites of Anthophora urbana bees.
© Carol Davis 9-3-2020

digger bee cuckoo
Anthophora urbana and Xeromelecta californica appear
to live in an almost perfect balance with one another.
If you want to read more about it, check out this
link at Research Gate
.  © Carol Davis 9-3-2020

bees in Big
            Cottonwood Canyon
I know there are a lot of Anthophora urbana in
Big Cottonwood Canyon but I had no knowledge
of the Xeromelecta californica. This picture shows
both species in the canyon.  © Carol Davis 9-3-2020   

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