Digger Wasp or Sand Wasp  (two photos)
Genus Bembix

Bembix wasp
While 2015 was not a great wasp year, as far as I could tell from my searches in Northern
Utah, 2016 is a fantastic year for them, especially sand wasps, Antelope Island was crazy
with them and I found them on all kinds of flowers.
They are lovely, lovely wasps with
beautiful clear wings and large green eyes. Below is the first of this
type of wasp I ever photographed.  Carol Davis

Digger wasp
This large wasp (about 1 inch) didn't mind my getting up close and personal while it gathered
nectar from the flowers at Antelope Island.  They have a reputation for being kind of cranky if
you disturb their underground nest.  Notice the beak-like mouth.  Digger Wasps are under the
order Hymnoptera, family Crabronidae and are beneficial insects, not only for pollination,
but for feeding flies to their larvae (info courtesy of Bugguide.net) 
Carol Davis 6-11-06