Dogwood Spittlebug
Clastoptera proteus

dogwood spittlebug
I found this first spittlebug on Dogwood in the BOR site below Jordanelle Dam in Wasatch county,
Utah.  It's rather attractive and the white stripes are actually yellow or cream but the flash on the
camera washed them out. © Carol Davis 7-18-2010

dogwood spittlebug
This second spittlebug was a little bit bigger, but not much.
© Carol Davis 7-18-2010

It has some very unique markings and with some research, I found
out information on it. 
© Carol Davis 7-18-2010

dogwood spittlebug
We have two types of Dogwood in northern Utah that I'm aware of; one is the Yellow-stemmed
variety and the other is the Red-stemmed.  Spittlebugs can be quite the pest. There are
some great images on this site from Quebec and if you can read Fre
nch, I'm sure
there is some technical information.
  © Carol Davis 7-18-2010

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