Elm Seed Bug
Arocatus melanocephalus
around 6 mm

elm seed bug
I was standing in the kitchen looking out through the sliding glass door screen in Taylorsville, Utah when
 I spied what looked
like a little fly. It didn't immediately fly away as I approached so I stepped outside
and was surprised to
see a little plant or seed bug. I ran for the camera.  You can see by the size
of the screen holes that this insect is quite small.  © Carol Davis 3-13-2016

Arocatus melanocephalus
This was a very small bug and had red and black (or dark brown) markings. It reminded me
 of a
Box Elder Bug, or a myriad of other red and black bugs that populate Utah, but I knew this
was something
a little different because only half of the two wings were red.  I tried to find it on
Bugguide, to no avail.
When I finally officially submitted it, one of the experts on Bugguide
 identified it almost immediately.  They say it
doesn't harm elms and the only drawback to
these little creatures is they tend to overwinter in homes in
large numbers, so if you see
these in your yard. prepare to see them in your homes in the winter (and even in the
hot summer months to escape the heat).  The Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture
has a good article on these. © Carol Davis 3-13-2013

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