European Earwig  (two photos)
Forficula auricularia

male earwig
Male European Earwig in Taylorsville, Utah. According to the male earwig can have forceps even longer than its abdomen.  The forceps of the
female don't even come close to that.  Though they are a fascinating insect and have beautiful colors, they still give me the creeps.  They are a constant
nuisance for most homeowners and are impossible to get rid of entirely (I speak from experience).  They can pinch but they are not venomous and they
do not get in your ears, unless you put something in there they like to eat, such as a peach or a watermelon.  But, like they say, never put anything
smaller (or larger) than your elbow in your ear and this will never be a problem... © Carol Davis, 7-13-2008

wings of an earwig
I had never seen an earwig open its wings until I saw this one at Bear River MBR. Besides beating
its little wings, it was also wagging its pincers up and overs its back and down again. There was
a wolf spider on the same leaf and also another earwig so I don't know if this was a
warning move or a mating ritual.  © Carol Davis, 7-16-2009

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