"February Thaw"
Poem and Photo by
Carol Davis

fly graphic

This poem is to be read with a slow and easy western drawl and maybe
a little classic country tune playin' in the background. It's based
on my adventure from Tuesday, February 16, 2016:

"February Thaw"
By Carol Davis

Takin’ in the scenery on Antelope Isle,
Kickin’ up some gravel, just walkin’ awhile.

Along comes a drone fly, lookin’ for heat.
Landin’ on my jacket, just takin’ a seat.

Asked him what he wanted but he didn’t reply.
Just a handsome young guy, kinda quiet and shy.

I thought of a tune then and burst into song.
And the little drone fly, just hummed right along.

February thaw, feelin’ frisky and free.
Walking along, just my buddy and me.

cold drone fly
I was walking along a dirt road looking out over the lake on Antelope Island when a buzzing insect flew right at me and
landed on my jacket. A dapper-looking Drone Fly stared back at me as I lifted my coat to take a look. It was around
10:00 am and cold on Antelope Island so I think the fly was looking for warmth and found it. The sun was out and
things were looking promising for a good day.  He walked around with me for about 5 minutes and let me take
 some pictures. Only drone fly I saw all day. Weird time of year for them to be out. © Carol Davis 2-16-2016

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