Firefly   (two photos)
Lampyridae Pyropyga nigricans

firefly in Utah
So you think we don't have fireflies in Utah?  Well, we do.  Some people have even reported seeing the kind that light up, which
this one does not do (at least I haven't see it yet). These tiny beetles have been flying around in my back yard in the morning for years
 at low elevation crashing into cats, chairs, me or whatever gets in their way.  Their wings come out from under their tiny covers
 (elytra) as they take off.   The covers just kind of hang there creating drag as they soar across the tops of the grasses like cargo planes
with one too many tanks on board.  When they land on a blade of grass they canvass both sides looking for insects to munch on.
Fireflies are  beneficial predators, extremely interesting to watch and, because of their size, hard to photograph.  They only stand still
when they're munching on something.  I had wondered about them for years and it just hit me the other day that I needed to know
their name.  Thanks to for helping me identify this neat and beautiful insect.  Note:  If you want to see a video of fireflies
 lighting up in a pasture in Spanish Fork, Utah, watch this June 2012 video on Youtube.  There is also an article and video on
Nature World News about fireflies in Goshen, Utah.  Carol Davis, June 29, 2008 (
Taylorsville, Utah)
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