Long-horned Beetle   (three photos)
"Flower Longhorn"

Judolia montivagans

Judolia montivagans
Did my bug-searching eyes ever bug-out when I saw this nifty
 flower longhorn on Guardsman Pass in Big Cottonwood
Canyon, Utah.
New species for me! © Carol Davis 7-11-2018

Flower Longhorn
That's a beautiful pattern on this beetle that likes to feed
 on nectar and pollen. This is my favorite photo of the
three. Love those big antennae. ©Carol Davis 7-11-2018

patterned beetle
After searching the internet, I came to the conclusion that not a heck
of a lot is known about these. The larvae feed on either dead or dying
trees or on healthy trees. While there are lots of flower longhorns, each
has its different host.  I would imagine it's a tricky procedure figuring
out the life cycles.  © Carol Davis 7-11-2018

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