Forest Bumble Bee  (four photos)
Bombus sylvicola

bumble bee in Utah
This year I went back through my photos to find pictures of bumble bees. In the beginning
they were all impossible to identify so I just ignored them.  When I saw this one again
in my collection of photos, I felt that it was something good. © Carol Davis 5-27-2007

forest bumble bee
John Ascher, who identifies bees for Bugguide, identified this bumble bee I saw in 2007 at
Jordanelle Dam wetlands. It's called a Forest Bumble Bee because you find them at high
elevations. © Carol Davis 5-27-2007

Bombus sylvicola
 I still can't identify bumble bees - I guess I should make an effort and learn them. They are beautiful and quite docile if
you move quietly among them.  We are lucky to have these beautiful insects around. 
© Carol Davis 5-27-2007

bombus sylvicola
I believe this is also a Bombus sylvicola that I found in the same area in June of 2007.  © Carol DAvis 6-28-2007

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