Frit Fly  (two photos)
(Not to be confused with "Fruit" Fly

Possible Thaumatomyia annulata

frit fly
If you've ever seen a Frit Fly and recognized it as a little fly, consider your eyesight "very good."
  These are tiny, tiny flies that you would think are just gnats.  I have a
ton of these in my
yard in Taylorsville, Utah.  This particular one is new to me because
the others I've
 seen are more yellow than brown.  © Carol Davis 5-14-2014

possible Thaumatomyia annulata
The name "Frit Fly" is so alien to my brain that I can't type it without first typing "Fruit". Most
frit fly larvae eat grass (which is not good for bluegrass and grains) and others (which I think
particular one may be) eat aphids; anyway, that's my hope.  There's a partial article
here on
Frit Flies that damage wheat and grass and the predators of those flies - tiny
wasps. Wasps are
 amazing and some are so tiny we don't even know they exist! © Carol Davis 5-14-2014

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