Giant Lady Beetle
Anatis lecontei
12 mm

giant ladybug
My niece and her business partner found this Giant Ladybug near their restaurant in the Millcreek area of Salt
Lake City, Utah.  It was the biggest and roundest ladybug they had ever seen.  One of the striking characteristics
of this beetle is the black border that lies under the wing covering (elytra).  © Carol Davis, 11-28-2011

Anatis lecontei
This beauty is a native ladybug, unlike the crabby Multicolored Asian Ladybug that sometimes bites and has
 invaded America. It was a huge beetle and because of its size made me wonder if it could actually be a ladybug.
They feed off aphids in trees. 
I let it go in my yard; I hope it survives.
© Carol Davis, 11-28-2011

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