Giant Water Bug
Family Belostomatidae

giant water bug
This photo of a Giant Water Bug was taken by MacKenzie Taylor somewhere near the Brickyard Plaza in
Salt Lake County, Utah (I think she used her phone camera). Water Bugs are generally very large, with the
 body length reaching up to 75 mm (
the pincers add a little more "scary" length).  According to
 they have acquired
nicknames such as Electric Light Bugs, Toe Biters, and Fish Killers. They will eat just
about anything
in a pond including fish, amphibians and possibly your toe, if it gets in the way. An added
 "icky factor" is - they
can FLY.  (Speaking of icky, check out this photo taken in Louisiana of a male bug covered
 in Water Bug eggs and red mites). MacKenzie's photo subject was probably resting on the tarmac after cruising
around the Brickyard looking for a cute female Giant Water Bug. © MacKenzie Taylor 9-22-2013

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