Glacial Lady Beetle  (three photos)
Hippodamia glacialis

hippodamia glacialis
I almost didn't photograph this ladybug because I'd
seen so many and I didn't need more. Well, I was wrong
and I'm glad I got these shots.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2020

glacial ladybug
While these may be few and far between in Utah,
 there have been a few sightings. On Bugguide, they are
 represented sparsely across the US.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2020

face of glacial lady
            beetle in Utah
They really are a cute Ladybug and you can see another
representation of one on Bugguide that looks almost
exactly like
this one I found at Bear River MBR, Box
Elder County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2020

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