Globe Mallow Bee  (with video)
Diadasia diminuta

"Building Nests and Turrets"

Diadasia diminuta emerging from nesting hole
I have to say these are some of the cutest little bees on the planet and some of the busiest. I was so lucky to get this
shot because most of the time when they leave the hole they go like bats out of hell. Carol Davis, 5-11-2013

globe mallow bee starting to dig
I sat on the ground right next to this group of nesting holes and waited for some good shots. It wouldn't
have been too bad had it not been for the biting midges that were enveloping my head and arms and
feasting away while I was photographing (and I have the millions of itchy red bites to prove it - aargh!)
This little bee was just starting down the hole when I got this shot.  Carol Davis 5-11-2013

how low can you go
I visited the spot I found the turrets the last time I was in Kolob but there were no turrets yet because
they were still being built. I think they construct them as they dig the holes and then seal the openings
they lay the eggs. Just a guess. As I sat there photographing, I noticed it didn't deter their tasks one
 iota. They just
ignored me and went on with their day.  Here's a video of two holes with one of the bees
digging and then descending down the hole.  If you watch the video closely, you will see two little flashes
towards the middle part and these are the two bees leaving their respective holes at the speed of
light.  The video takes a while to load and (so don't give up) requires Quicktime video player.
Carol Davis, 5-11-2013

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