Thread-waisted Wasp
"Grass-carrying Wasp"
Isodontia elegans

isodontia elegans
I was surprised today to find this gorgeous wasp in my yard crawling in and out
of hydrangea blossoms - hence the mangled antennae, I think. 
I've only seen one
other wasp like this before - both in Salt Lake County.  Carol Davis 8-12-2016

grass-carrying wasp
It took a moment to check out the photographer. This
was a gorgeous hunk of wasp.  Below is a photo of
the first one I ever saw.  Carol Davis 8-12-201

isodontia elegans
Isodontia get the name "grass-carrying wasps" because they have been
been seen carrying grass back to their nests.  They also carry other insects
back to their nests to feed the larvae when they hatch.  Adult Isodontia
feed on the joy they get from scaring Spheksophobics (people
who are afraid of wasps) and they also enjoying feeding on nectar. Actually,
 this wasp I found in Red Butte Gardens was beautiful, non-aggressive
and very elegant (hence, the name)!  Carol Davis, 8-29-2011

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