Grass-carrying Wasp
species Isodontia
possible Isodontia mexicana

black wasp with a touch of red on the abdomen
These male beautiful black thread-waisted wasps have taken over where my Tachytes wasps left off. They have been
guarding the hydrangea in my yard in Taylorsville, Utah ever since the Tachytes left.  © Carol Davis 7-28-2015

Isodontia wasp
If you look closely you can see just a dab of red on the thin part of the abdomen. I have seen other references
on the internet to wasps with a similar marking. Bugguide hasn't classified this one of mine yet but I'm hoping
 it turns out to the Isodontia mexicana. They are as feisty as the Tachytes when it comes to guarding the flowers. 
You can watch a neat video on nesting Grass-carrying Wasps at Dick Walton's site.  © Carol Davis 7-28-2015

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