Green June Beetle
Cotinis mutabilis

green june bug
Pam Wheeler, from Red Cliffs Audubon,  was nice enough to let me use her photo of the Green June Beetle (Bug).
I remember the first time I saw one of these was when it landed on my windshield many years ago. These beetles
lay their eggs on decaying matter and when the eggs hatch and reach maturity, the adults feed on ripe fruit.  My
sister-in-law tells stories of how when she was a kid she used to catch beetles similar to these, attach a string
to them, and use them as flying toys.  I was never as creative as that. My sky toy and the toys of a lot of kids of
my generation were lids from gallon cans.  A good toss could really send them sailing and it was a miracle
that more kids didn't lose an arm from those projectiles.  All this was before Frisbees, of course, whose
introduction to civilization was a godsend to both kids and their parents.  © Pam Wheeler

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