Green June Beetle
"Green Fruit Beetle"
"Figeater Beetle"
Cotinis mutabilis

green june bug
These are large beetles that love the St. George area. Can you imagine being hit in the forehead by one
of these flying honkers? Tonaquint Park is the best place to find them.  Carol Davis 9-21-2015

green fruit chafer
The females are always trying to get away from the persistent males or knock them off the flowers.
Sometimes they lose their balance in the attempt - like in the photo below. Oops! Carol Davis 9-21-2015

male and female green fruit chafers
If you go to St. George, be sure to look for these at Tonaquint Park.  You can't miss them
and their colors are beautiful!  If need further information, check out
the University of California site. Carol Davis 9-18-2015

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