Green Stink Bug
Chinavia hilaris

large stink bug
I did a double-take when I saw this Green Stink Bug in Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City. It
was the largest stink bug I've ever seen
- about 2 centimeters. It was a month later when I found the
next one in
my own yard.  © Carol Davis 5-19-2014

Chinavia hilaris
I was sitting on my deck in a lounge chair in Taylorsville, Utah when I could feel someone staring
at me (I kid you not!) When I glanced to my left, there was this creature staring at me from a lilac leaf.
I couldn't believe that I found another one of these just one month later after having never seen one
before. I hope it was just a visitor and not a resident because they can be major pests. Bugguide states
 "adults and older nymphs prefer developing seeds and fruit. May be a pest on soybean, cotton, fruit
trees (esp. peach), and many vegetables." The University of Florida has an extensive page
about these enormous munchers.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2014

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