Green Stink Bug
Chinavia hilaris

Chinavia hilaris eggs
            and nymphs
These are the empty eggs and nymphs of the very large
Green Stink Bug, Chinavia hilaris.  The nymphs are so tiny and
 cute. They were pointed out by a worker at Red Butte Garden.
She had seen them the day before and wondered
 they were. Bugguide identified them to species.
form is shown below.  © Carol Davis 7-9-2019

large stink bug
I did a double-take when I saw this Green Stink Bug in Red
 Butte Garden  in Salt Lake City. It
was the largest stink
bug I've ever seen
- about 2 centimeters. It was a month later
 when I found the next one in
my own yard.  © Carol Davis 5-19-2014

Chinavia hilaris
I was sitting on my deck in a lounge chair in Taylorsville, Utah when I could
 feel someone staring
at me (I kid you not!) When I glanced to my left, there was
 this creature staring at me from a lilac leaf. 
I couldn't believe that I found another
one of these just one month later after having never seen one
before. I hope it was just
a visitor and not a resident because they can be major pests. Bugguide states
 and older nymphs prefer developing seeds and fruit. May be a pest on soybean,
cotton, fruit
trees (esp. peach), and many vegetables." The University of Florida
 has an extensive page
about these enormous munchers.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2014

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