Ground Beetle   (two photos)
Calosoma luxatum
formerly Callisthenes luxatus

Callisthenes luxatus in Utah
I found this single beautiful black beetle on Antelope Island. It was not a good day for finding
anything out there. Even the flies were more scarce than last week. Even though it was in the
high 40's and low 50's, it wasn't warm enough for a lot of the insects yet. This beetle must
 have been eating something because it stayed still for a long time. Carol Davis 2-25-2016

This little gal (or guy) was just running around searching for food. It hardly
 ever paused, and photographing it was a nightmare. 
Calosoma luxatum
 tend to hide in holes or in any ground cover they find handy.   Ground
Beetles in general eat all kinds of things like decaying matter and larvae. 
I'm no lover of beetles but I have come to appreciate that many are beneficial
and are not just here to freak us out. Carol Davis, 3-1-2011

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