"Hanging Thief" Robber Fly  (four photos)
Diogmites angustipennis

green-eyed robber fly
I was just coming up over a little hill on Antelope Island when I saw something
fly and it had dangling orange legs. I thought at first it must be a wasp, but as I
checked around on the bushes, I found this beauty. I had to move very slowly
as it was a little skittish. In this photo, it was either using its back legs to clean
 its wings or vice versa.  If I'd had a chair, an umbrella, a "deer fly" swatter,
and some ice water, I would have stayed there all day just
watching this beast.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

It was hunting deer flies and wasps and in this photo it was watching a
deer fly that was annoying me. The fly landed on my leg and I saw
the Thief's eyes lock on its location and I thought for a minute it
was going to fly over and snatch it off my leg (and I kind of wish it
had since the deer fly was biting me).  © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

scanning the skies
Most of the time it just sat and watched for incoming meals. Here it was
checking the sky. Before I arrived, it appeared to be patrolling an area
thick with sand wasps, who were digging nests and probably unaware
 they were being watched by this predator.  I think this is the earliest
 I've seen Hanging Thieves by about a week. © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

hanging thief on Antelope Island
This is one of the first photos I took. The robber fly was right next to a spider web.
When I tried to move in a little closer it actually picked a better location for
photographing (minus the webs).  I love these insects! You can watch
my youtube video of this insect cleaning itself. © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

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