Hanging Thief Robber fly (Diogmites Angustipennis)

Black Wasp 
(five photos)

Here was the predator, Diogmites angustipennis, waiting patiently on a "weed broom" to
sweep  the area of other insects, large and small.  © Carol Davis 8-19-2018

fight in the weeds
It suddenly took off and landed in the weeds with a black
wasp in its grip.  The wasp tried to fight off the large
Robber Fly, to no avail.  © Carol Davis 8-19-2018

hanging with the hanging
As the fly took to the air, it landed on a bush and hung by one leg as
the wasp fought for its life. The wasp was holding on to the legs of the
beast trying to keep from becoming a meal.  Look at the difference
between the size of their legs. Yikes!  © Carol Davis 8-19-2018

biting the leg of a robber
The wasp was fighting desperately and even biting the Thief's leg
 in hopes it would drop him.  © Carol Davis 8-19-2018

looking down on a Thief
The Hanging Thief waited patiently as the wasp continued to struggle.
We took a lot of pictures and then the fly took off to the east with
its prey. When we walked back down to the car, my brother pointed to a
bush and there was the pair still locked in battle. The eyes of the Robber
Fly never changed - just that green vacant stare of a true predator (like the
eyes of the invading machines in the original War of the Worlds).
I love wasps, so I felt bad for the wasp, but it was interesting to
watch Mother Nature in action. © Carol Davis 8-19-2018

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