Heleomyzidae Fly
Family Heleomyzidae
"Sun Fly"

Heleomyzidae fly
These flies are some of the earliest I see in winter. I think they might have gotten
the nickname "sun flies" because they appear whenever the sun shines in the winter.
I saw my first one last month (February 18) on Antelope Island (same place as today
only that one was outside in the snow). They have a
beautiful wing pattern. 
Carol Davis 3-5-2013

sun fly
I didn't get a very good side shot but it will do, I guess.  According to Wikipedia there
are over 650 species in this family of flies.  Carol Davis, 3-5-2013

  Heleomyzidae feed on waste matter and the larvae feed mostly on decaying
matter.  The first thing I noticed about this fly (from 2012)  was the small hairs that
 stick out along the wing edges and someone on Bugguide told me it is a characteristic
 of the family.   Carol Davis, 1-12-1012

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