ladybug larvae with winged aphid

Help and Not Hinder
By Carol Davis

There are tiny souls that move and thrive
in the places that we often pass.
Tucked under leaves or in webbed sticky places
In gardens, in thickets, in grass.

It’s there that they lie in the gloom of night,
Or stalk in the light of day,
Hoping invaders will darken their path
And into their clutches sashay.

We eat and we drink with nary a thought
Of the lives that thrive all around.
The tiniest spider, the bug and the bee
Helping the world to spin ‘round.

We spray and we squash whatever we see
with no thought of the job that they do.
Don’t kill without knowing your friend from your foe,
Start aiding what hunts in the dew.

Let’s nurture, not hinder, the ebb and the flow.
Look beyond what we see every day.
Remember the small things that secretly toil
Balancing Earth while we play.

ambush bug and a fly

The first insect on this page is a tiny Ladybug larva downing a flying aphid
and the second insect is an Ambush Bug eating a fly.

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