Bird Hover Fly   (three photos)
Syrphid Fly
Genus Eupeodes volucris

bird hover fly
Larvae of the Bird Hover Fly eat aphids and the adults feed on nectar.  People often mistake Syprhid Flies for
bees because of their coloring.  This one was in Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Carol Davis 10-23-2013

hover fly
Beautifully-patterned Hover Fly in Taylorsville, Utah.  We've all seen Hover Flies in or near our gardens. They are
actually a very beneficial insect, feeding on aphids as larvae and pollinating as adults.  Notice the intricate
pattern on the wings.  Carol Davis 5-6-2009

hover fly
As you can see, the abdomen of the male Bird Hover Fly has a very strange shape. I took this
photo at Red Butte Garden.  Carol Davis, 10-23-2013

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