Hovering Robber Fly  (three photos)
Family Asilidae

hovering robber fly
            with prey
We were at the at Eureka looking for insects when we saw
 this large Robber Fly hunting near by.  It snatched

an insect from the air and sat down again to enjoy it.
We moved in closer for a few pictures. It flew off and
landed a few inches away, and we moved again
with it. 
© Carol Davis 8-28-2018

hover with food
After a few moves, it took to the air again and hovered.
This is a first for me - I didn't even know they could
hover, but they are great flyers. It hovered long enough
for me to shoot a couple of photos. I've photographed
Dragonflies doing this many times, but never a mighty
 hunter the likes of a Robber Fly.  They are like machines
when they hunt. Now they've risen even higher for
me in the predator ranking. © Carol Davis 8-28-2018

robber fly
It landed again not far from the hovering location
and started to eat.  We left it alone at that point.
What a fun thing to witness. There were tons of
Robber Flies in this area - big and little ones.
I couldn't find many on Antelope Island last
week, so now I know where they hang out in
late summer.
© Carol Davis 8-28-2018

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