How to Know When You’re Hooked on Photographing Insects and Spiders and

Are No Longer Considered Normal by the Rest of the World
By Carol Davis
 1.  When someone says “There’s a spider on you!” you still jump but then you say “What color is it?”bug
 2.  People go to local gardens to view the lovely flowers, you go to look at the lovely insects.
 3.  You tell your friends to save their spider traps so you can check out the victims.
 4.  All your friends and relatives call you when they have an insect or spider in their house and want to know what it  is.
 5.  Luncheons with your friends will eventually, albeit reluctantly, land on your weird hobby and you can tell by their faces they hope you don’t elaborate.
 6.  Bugs that used to scare the crap out of you, now hold a strange attraction.
 7.  You feel like you’re the only person in the world who thinks jumping spiders are gorgeous (and you may be right).
 8.  The site of a new insect or spider can elicit a feeling of wanting to dance and so far you have limited yourself to a quick two-step.
  bugs9.  Your roommate yells that there’s a spider running across the room and you hope you can get to your camera before he or she smashes the little sucker flat.
10.  You think that bees, wasps and flies are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.
11.  When you take a close-up shot of an insect or spider and show it to people you can’t help but say, “Is that a cute face or what?”
12.  You step in fresh buffalo dung while trying to take a picture of a dung beetle and you wait to remove your foot and cuss until after you finish the shot .                                                                       
13.  You check out spider webs to see what kind of insects are in them.
14.  You’re one of the few people you know who can tell a paper wasp from a yellowjacket.
15.  You don’t brush away spider webs around your house like normal people, you encourage them!
16.  You are taking a picture of a spider shooting silk all over the place, including all over you, and you think it’s cool.
17.  Everyone says “if you’ve seen one fly, you’ve seen them all.” You check out all flies to see if you have a picture of that particular species yet.
18.  It took you a lifetime to appreciate the beauty of beetles and now you can’t get enough of them.bee
19.  You look for insects and spiders - even in the winter.
20.  You can tell the difference between a male or female spider and if you try to explain the details of this cool fact to others, their eyes glaze over and they become pale and woozy.
21.  You can take pictures of bees and wasps in a garden of flowers while they’re buzzing around your head and not be afraid. (This may change quickly, though, if you get stung.)
22.  You can tell the difference between a striped bee and a striped fly.
23.  You think that moths are just as beautiful as butterflies.
24.  You find a cool insect in a spider web and are torn between saving the insect or feeding the spider.
25.  You're puzzled when you tell a person there's a neat insect on their back and they won't hold still for photos.
26.  You see a jumping spider on the rack by the checkout stand at PetSmart and ask if it's for sale.
27.  The more you look at an insect or spider, the more intricate and interesting it seems to become. Just like life!

spider hanging