Ichneumon Wasp   (four photos)
Genus Diplazontinae

diplazontinae ichneumon wasp
This species of wasp preys on syrphid fly larvae.  © Carol Davis, 6-5-2010

ichneumon wasp
I found this one in my yard on a rose with many aphids.  © Carol Davis 6-5-2010

wasp ovipositing
Where you find aphids you will find syrphid fly larvae that feed on aphids. 
These wasps lay
their eggs in the syrphid fly larvae or eggs, which is
probably what the wasp is doing in this photo. You can read more about
 it Diplazontinae wasps on Wikipedia. Below is a picture of
a syrphid fly larva.   © Carol Davis 6-5-2010

syrphid fly larva
Small Syrphid Fly larva on my rose bush in
Taylorsville, UT  © Carol Davis 5-22-2012

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