Ichneumon Wasp  (three photos)
Family Ichneumonidae

about 1/2 inch

red and black ichneumon wasp
For as warm as it was on Antelope Island this warm day in early February,
I wasn't seeing as many insects as I expected - just some ladybugs, tiny
flies, caterpillars and an occasional spider.  When I spotted this
I was flabbergasted. Pretty early for a wasp.  © Carol Davis 2-5-2015

early February wasp
As I quickly reached for my camera and was getting out of my car, the wasp flew off to the west
in some other bushes. I followed it and found it and, surprisingly, was able to photograph it until I
decided I'd had enough. Usually these wasps hunt quickly and stop infrequently. © Carol Davis 2-5-2015

dark red wasp with black trim
I was lucky, not only to find this 1/2 inch long wasp, but to be able to watch it to my heart's content.
It was a warm day, over 60 degrees, and I was in my shirtsleeves. The wind was calm, although it was
partly cloudy (filtered sun), and I was surprised there weren't more insects - but I wasn't expecting a wasp,
only more spiders.  You can read about Ichneumon Wasps here on Wikipedia.   © Carol Davis 2-5-2015

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