Ichneumon Wasp   (four photos)
  Genus Spilichneumon

Female around 18 mm in length

possible Spilichneumon wasp
When the neighbor girl, Kaily Jensen, brought this little wasp over to me I was awed by its beauty.
 It was very bright red/orange and it was apparent that it had a broken wing.  I'm sure I acted like a
 babbling idiot while trying to explain to her how wonderful this wasp was - and all the time
I could she she was freaked out because it was a W-A-S-P (four letter word).   © Carol Davis

orange and black wasp
Wasps can "knock my socks off" with their beautiful colors. I rank this one as one of
the most striking I've seen. I wish I could have fixed its wing.  © Carol Davis 4-2-2015

underbelly of an ichneumon wasp
The next morning it was dead. I think it might be a Spilichneumon species but I'm afraid I'm
going to have to wait a long time to find out for sure.  © Carol Davis 4-2-2015

view of the head of a possible Spilichneumon wasp
I've tried to get the color of the wasp as close to the original orange I could, but nothing
does it  justice.  It's a pity it's dead. I hope it had time to lay eggs . It showed a
stinger/ovipositor n quite a few occasions as I was moving it around.
© Carol Davis 4-2-2015

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