Icheumon Wasp   (four photos)
Tribe Ephialtini

ichneumon wasp
I could see this wasp on Antelope Island coming from quite a distance
 because of its size and its
extremely long ovipositor (Wikipedia), which
you can see in the photo below.  © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

female ichneumon wasp and long ovipositor
She was aware of me standing there and refused to
come near. I would love to have had a close-up of
this beauty. © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

beautiful wasp
She had long orange legs and extremely
 long antennae.  © Carol Davis

black and orange wasp
She was using the ovipositor on rabbitbrush and sunflowers.
According to Bugguide, there are an estimated 5,000 known species
of Ichneumon Wasps in North American and possible 3,000 yet
unknown. You can read about the life cycle of these fascinating
wasps on Wikipedia. © Carol Davis 9-27-2016

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