Ichneumon Wasp
Cryptus albitarsis

Cryptus albitarsis in Utah
I thought this wasp might be a spider wasp because it was scouring the ground
for food on Antelope Island. © Carol Davis 10-26-2016

red and black wasp
Bugguide reports that a Cryptus albitarsis wasp's diet consists of
Helicoverpa zea
and Grapholita
molesta (two moth species), as well
as other agricultural pests© Carol Davis 10-26-2016

beneficial ichneumon wasps
The wasp wasn't much concerned with me as long as I kept at a safe
and it didn't feel threatened. I followed it around for quite
awhile but it moved
quickly and made it quite difficult to follow with
 a camera pressed up against my face.  © Carol Davis 10-26-2

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