Ichneumon Wasp  (three photos)
Pimpla sanguinipes

Pimpla sanguinipes wasp
I always look for wasps in the fall that might be ovipositing.  This one was
poking around the base of some leaves on a sunflower plant in Mercur
Canyon, Tooele County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 10-5-2017

pimpla wasp
I think she might have found a place to lay some eggs but she was wary
of us standing around her. We waited quite a while for her to get busy
but she just kept on scouting.  According to Bugguide, these wasps lay eggs
 on moth caterpillars, so they are very beneficial. © Carol Davis 10-5-2017

black and red ichneumon wasp
Such a beautiful and unique-looking wasp with the long body and antennae, very long
and bulbous legs, and short ovipositor.  She wasn't a very big wasp over all.  If you want to
 read a very nice article on these wasps, check out Eric Eaton's blog. © Carol Davis 10-5-2017

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