Female Ichneumon Wasp  (three photos)
Genus Spilichneumon

Spilichneumon wasp in Utah
There were quite of few of these wasps in the rabbitbrush on Stansbury
in Tooele County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2016

red wasp
Wasps lay their eggs on Noctuidae moth larvae and
are considered very beneficial.  They seem to have been
studied very little.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

red ichneumon wasp
I took a picture of a similar wasp back in 2015 when a neighbor
brought one over that she found in her yard. It had a broken wing.
I never got anyone on Bugguide to look at it but I tentatively labeled
it a Spilichneumon species. Now I've definitely labeled it as one.
You can view it here.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

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