Ichneumon Wasp   (four photos)
subfamily Anomaloninae

Anomaloninae wasp
I could just see these tiny wasps flying by out of the corner of my eyes in
Mercur Canyon, Tooele, Utah.  I would think I could see them and then
they'd seem to disappear. Very elusive. Brigham Tea (Ephedra) seemed
to be their bush of choice. © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

Ichneumon wasp
As soon as I thought I had them in focus, 
they would lift off. © Carol Davis 4-2

tiny wispy wasp with a
            long abdomen
I didn't know what they were doing but from the pictures it
looks like they were harvesting insects from the insides of the
branches or buds. © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

wasp haunting insects
This one sure looks like it has something in its mouth.
It could be part of the wasp, but it's pretty large.
  Here is some information on the Anomaloninae subfamily
of wasps from Wikivividly. © Carol Davis 4-27-2018

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