Short-tailed Ichneumon Wasp
Genus Ophion

ophion wasp
Tiny big-eyed Ophion wasp on Antelope Island, Davis County,
Utah.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a wasp more dainty and
 lovely than this one.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2018

Orange ichneumon wasp
The big transparent wings give it a kind of Tinkerbell quality.
 I don't see these wasps often and especially in the fall. They are

hard to photograph because they move around quickly and
are so small.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2018

back of ophion wasp
This is the only shot of the top I got and it's not pretty. At least
you get the idea of what it looks like.  You can see another
 species of this wasp on my site here. Also, visit the web site
 The Life of Your Time for really good information on
Short-tailed Ichneumons. Always thanks to Bugguide for
help in identification. © Carol Davis 10-18-2018

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