Ichneumon Wasp  (three photos)
"Hover Fly Parasite"
Diplazon laetatorius

Hover Fly Parasite
While digging through past photos, I came across this small female
and wondered why I hadn't submitted the photo to Bugguide for
identification back then. I think it was because I thought it was just
another little wasp that looked the
same as all other little wasps.
Now that I know wasps a smidge better, I realize that this Ichneumon
wasp with white leg bands is a gem! © Carol Davis 6-20-2013

Diplazon laetatorius
  She seemed to be scouting the area for prey at Red Butte Garden
in Salt Lake County, Utah. 
Diplazon laetatorius are Hover Fly
 parasites and are very successful, according to information
on the Web. Land Care Research from New Zealand has some
 good information on this species. © Carol Davis 6-20-2013

orange and black wasp
            with white leg bands
The white bands on the rear legs make this predatory wasp
stand out.  She also has a black spot (stigma) on each wing. I'll
be looking for this species again the next time I visit Red Butte,
even though it's been six long years. © Carol Davis 6-30-2013

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