Ichneumon Wasp  (three photos)
Genus Patrocloides

Patrocloides wasp
This was wasp nectaring on some kind of
Parsley flowers (I think) in the Uintas, Summit
County, Utah.  Notice the light patches on the
antennae.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2017

parasitoid wasp
Bugguide identified this wasp and could be
Patrocloides montanus.  These wasps are
parasitoids of the Cabbage Looper Moth.
© Carol Davis 8-3-2017

blue-black wasp
The blue-black coloring of this Ichneumon
Wasp is breathtaking. I think wasps like this
intimidate people because of their size and
coloring - they look fierce (but are gentle and
gorgeous). I  had a fear of wasps most of my
 life and now feel bad that I didn't get to
 photograph them when they were more plentiful.
© Carol Davis 8-3-2017

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