Ichneumon Wasp  (three photos)
Genus Pimplini
possible species
Itoplectis viduata)
1/2 inch

ichneumon wasp
This shot of a female Ichneumon Wasp shows the long antennae and the large
dark eyes. Quite the attractive wasp.  © Carol Davis 11-11-09

 orange and black wasp

This photo reveals the wing venation and the long ovipositor of a female wasp
that is often mistaken for a stinger. © Carol Davis, 11-11-2009

Finally, the odd-shaped abdomen is shown in this photo as well as the large, orange "thighs". 
Ichneumon wasps come in all colors, sizes and shapes and they are predatory, putting them
in the category of beneficial insects.  This is also a tough little female wasp as she was out on
Antelope Island in 44 degree weather, moving very slowly.  She's the only wasp I saw all day.  As the
temperature warmed to around 55 degrees, I also saw syrphid flies, a sweat bee, dung flies
 and thousands of tiny unidentifiable flies (no spiders outside).   © Carol Davis 11-11-2009

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