Ichneumon Wasp  (male & female)
Genus Anomalon

4-5 mm

male Anomalon wasp
I was looking for insects in the bushes at Promontory Point when I caught a wisp of something go flying by. 
It was so small I wasn't sure that it was an insect.  I looked, couldn't find anything and then two came
flying by trying to reproduce in flight. It was then I saw just how tiny these little wasps are.  Wow!

This is a female since it has an ovipositor at the end of the abdomen (stinger-like object). 
Carol Davis, 8-1-2010

male Anomalon
This is the little male that is darker and has no ovipositor.  They were both so cute I wanted to take them home.
According to Bugguide.net, these tiny wasps (larvae) are parasitic on beetles. These two were just flying
around and what they were eating, I have no idea( but they were busy).  Carol Davis, 8-1-2010

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