Who's Afraid of Whom?
(or What Insects Would Rather Avoid One Another?)

ambush bug and wasp
I was photographing this Ambush Bug when the wasp came around the leaf and met the Ambush Bug face
to face.  I could almost hear the wasp yell "yikes!".   It did an about face so fast it almost broke the sound
barrier.  I know the Ambush Bugs take bees and wasps but maybe this one was just a little too large or fast.

velvet ant and mantis
I found it strange that this Praying Mantis was not the least bit interested in attacking the Velvet Ants that
were practically underneath its feet on Antelope Island.  It seemed to be more interested in taking a bite
out of my camera or perhaps it was waiting for the bazillions of grasshoppers occupying the island.  Velvet
Ants have such a hard outer covering (underneath their fuzzy hairs), that few things try to eat them.  They
also have a very nasty sting, though they are not aggressive.  © Carol Davis 7-29-2009

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