Greater Angle-wing Katydid Nymph  (three photos)
Genus Microcentrum rhombifolium
4 mm (body length)

Found this tiny Katydid nymph and one other on my yellow roses.  I can't believe how long their antennae are. If I showed
 them, this photo would take up the whole page.  You can see the length in the bottom photo.  Carol Davis 6-27-2010

Microcentrum katydid nymph in Utah

katydid nymph
This wass the first Greater Angle-wing Katydid nymph I had ever seen.  It was very cooperative since it had never seen a
 human before--curiosity seems to rule in the very young.
  Look at the very long antennae.  If you don't have a macro lens
 to take insect photographs, you can always get a lighted magnifier to assist in seeing the wonders of the insect world.
  Carol Davis, 6-3-2009

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