Lacewing Larvae   (three photos)

lacewing larva

lacewing larva
This first one I found on the underside of a leaf on a big old weed.  It was
so small and skinny (about 1/4 inch), 
I thought it was a tiny caterpillar when I took its photo.  © Carol Davis, 5-25-2009

This one was about twice as big and was hanging out on the top of a rose bush leaf.  Lacewing larvae
 feed on aphids, so if you find these, and they will come in all sizes as they mature and finally become
"winged" lacewings, try to avoid killing them even though they are a little scary looking.   Some
lacewing disguise themselves by attaching debris to their body--very cool!  Here's a really good article
on the life cycle of green lacewings. Since I don't use insect spray in my yard, I am finding a lot more
natural predators such as lacewings, both brown and green.  © Carol Davis, 5-26-2009

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