Large Rove Beetle  (three photos)
Genus Tasgius ater

rove beetle
I found this Large Rove Beetle resting on some tall grass next to the canal on the Bear River
MBR tour loop. 
According to, this genus of beetles is the second largest
 in the world next to weevils.  Wow! And I've only seen two. Carol Davis 7-12-2009

rove beetle
When I first took the photo I thought it was a wasp but then after I looked at it several
times on my computer screen, I thought it might be a relative of an earwig.  This Rove
Beetle is much better than an earwig because it is predatory and earwigs are just an
overall pain in the tush.  It tucks its wings under its short elytra (wing covers)
much like the earwig. This one has not yet tucked its wings underneath so you can
 see them hanging down from the elytra.  If you look at my photos of earwigs, you
will see the elytra where the wings are tucked.  Like earwigs, Rove Beetles also
 wave their abdomen up in the air as a warning even though they have no pincers.
Carol Davis, 7-12-2009

large rove beetle
This Large Rove Beetle (not Tasgius ater) was running through my carport.  I've only seen two of
these and this one was at my house in Taylorsville. I'm putting this one here although
I don't think it belongs in the genus Tasgius.  Carol Davis, 10-12-2009

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